Our wedding party

Our amazing wedding party!!

Lea's attendants
  • Joanna Snell, Maid Of Honor
    Joanna and Lea were sorority sisters in KKG but didn't become close until Lea recruited Joanna to UTC and to CT and we were roommates in Park Place towers in Hartford. We went from barely knowing each other on move in date to becoming besties forever!!
  • Melissa Beck, Bridesmaid
    Melissa and Lea met freshman year of college but got to know each other reallyyy well after living as roommates in close quarters sophomore and senior year- still treat each other like a married couple sometimes!
  • Elizabeth Conlon, Bridesmaid
    Lizzy was also in Kappa with Lea and we became close senior year of college and we have had more laughs then can be imagined!
  • Saya Dempsey, Bridesmaid
    Saya and Lea worked together at Colgate Palmolive and spent a lot of time not only having fun in NYC but travelling around the world together!
  • Viktoriya Goldiner, Bridesmaid
    Vicky and Lea became each others first "work friends" in the same class of the UTC Financial Leadership Program and then also spent a few years as roommates in 26B!
  • Jillian Koehnken, Bridesmaid
    Jillian is Chris' little sister, but she is basically a sister to Lea as well! Love her not just as sister in law but a best friend too!
  • Lauren Kopach, Bridesmaid
    Lea and Kopach go back to freshman year when we were in SOM together. We also lived across the hall sophomore and senior year as well and even though she is in Milwaukee now it doesnt hurt our friendships at all!
  • Laura McClain, Bridesmaid
    Lea and Laura became inseperable friends instantly freshman year at Syracuse being down the hall on Lawrinson 15 and in the same SOM group. Since then we lived together sophomore, junior and senior year- and we are still as silly as always!
  • Kelley Thyrring, Bridesmaid
    Kelley is one of Lea's oldest friends as we have been friends since we were 6 years old where we met in first grade and became friends when we both screamed when an ant went down my shirt. Since then we have had countless memories and close times over the past 24 years!
  • Sarah Titus, Bridesmaid
    Sari and Lea have been friends since the 3rd grade when we were in Highcrest Elementary together. No one else brings out the weird side of me more then her!
  • Breen Power, Bridesmaid
    Although Breen can't attend the wedding she is an honorary bridesmaid. Breen and Lea have been friends since high school and we will miss you so much that day!!
Chris' attendants
  • Steven Koehnken, Best Man
    Chris' little brother
  • Raymond Archacki, Groomsman
    Lea's older brother
  • Will Cappelletti, Groomsman
  • Andrew Englander, Groomsman
  • Matthew Formica, Groomsman
  • Mikey Formica, Groomsman
  • Sean Moloney, Groomsman
  • Justin Petriello, Groomsman
  • Scott Ritter, Groomsman
  • Michael Stern, Groomsman
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